The art of ART

Your custom home/renovation is nearing completion. Now for the ultimate finishing touch: artwork.

Meet Linda Price-Bennett.

Linda is an accomplished interior designer, ACCA accredited professional art consultant, art collector and critic with more than 30 years experience. She purchases from her extensive list of galleries and contacts in Canada, USA, and Europe. Linda offers a number of services you should consider for bringing the beautiful world of art to your home:

Assessment. What art is right for you? Linda can assess your tastes, goals, budget, styles and media interests and suggest art that will merge perfectly with your home’s style, space, and surroundings.

Sourcing. Finding suitable art is difficult and time consuming. Some art pieces are also financial investments. Using her vast repertoire of artists and galleries, she will review and recommend art pieces by personally evaluating artists and their works to suit your home, tastes, and budget. She will assemble a portfolio of proposed works, with their associated financial and artistic value, help you decide, then purchase on your behalf.

Delivery. Art is delicate, and the price of damage can be high. Linda can eliminate this risk by arranging art insurance, along with specialized shipping and delivery to ensure worry-free order fulfillment.

Installation. Art needs to be installed at appropriate locations and mounted properly. Lighting is absolutely critical. Room surroundings such as furniture, windows, floors should be taken into account. Linda will determine the best locations and methods to locate, illuminate, and display your artwork for maximum aesthetic and decorative effect, then deliver a written plan. She will then select and supervise art installation specialists to ensure adherence to the plan.

Done right, art can dramatically enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your living space.

Consider Linda Price-Bennett to maximize your art enjoyment and investment.

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