The heart of the matter

Philip Coe says his company, Revision Built, is something of a unicorn.

“We’re different from most in our approach,” he explains. “We focus on homeowners’ pain points.”

Revision Built designs and builds whole home renovations, additions, and new construction.

Philip’s clients tell him about some of the experiences they or someone they know have had. They say a project took too long, or the budget was blown because of designer or builder omissions. Sometimes an endless stream of trades kept returning to their home to fix deficiencies after the homeowner moved back in. Communication was a problem and too often the result was not what they had expected.

 Philip’s rapport with clients and trade partners is comfortable and upbeat. He’s adamant that clients and trades are at the heart of his business. He believes managing people and expectations effectively is the key to success.

“We respect our trade professionals and vendors, and they must respect us in return,” he says. He adds he expects friction sometimes. “But once you resolve the issues, you have a stronger relationship that lasts. You’re building a foundation for the future. It’s the Golden Rule.”

The team begins each new relationship by getting to know the homeowners and understanding their situation, expectations and budget.

“Once we have established what our clients want and expect, we get to work on planning and design,” Philip explains. “We like to design our projects 100 per cent before we start production. Our clients know what their new home will look like thanks to the talents of our in-house designers, Aidean and Sofia, who create working drawings and beautiful renders the client will see weeks before the demolition crew gets started.”

Revision Built uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage communication, specs and selections, scheduling and financials, and more.

“And then,” says Philip, “we do the job we say we’re going to do.”

 Another thing that sets Revision Built apart is the policy of only taking on what they can manage. Their strategy is to take on what they can and do it well so the client gets what they want in the end.

“We treat each project like a mission to deliver a great product for our client,” says Philip, “and to give them a good experience at the same time.”


Sonya, left, a Revision Built client, and Philip Coe, owner, pause during a break in the demoliton phase of an ongoing Revision Built project. Philip has travelled the solid road of experience and superb mentorship from the start, learning trades from seasoned veterans – the Italians and Portuguese who came over during the housing boom of the 60s and 70s. “Those guys taught me how to work,” he says.
Sandi's Dream, one of two projects by Revision Built named as Finalist in the 2023 GOHBA Housing Design Awards in two categories, Renovation ($150,000-250,000) and Custom Kitchen – Contemporary ($100,000+).

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