Reflection and Celebration

Renovation industry milestones

The years go by, one after another. You learn, you struggle, you have your ups, downs and triumphs. And then, before you know it, you’ve reached a milestone. Fifteen years. Twenty-five. Thirty-five. Forty. And that’s when you stop and reflect about how you got here. You think of all the people you’ve met, your team, your people, your tribe. You couldn’t have done it without each other. And you celebrate!

There are some big anniversaries happening in our world of Ottawa Renovates this year.

Ottawa Renovates itself celebrates 15 years. The magazine began in 2009 with full endorsement by the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association. We’ve supported the renovation industry as RenoMark® has marched forward year after year with integrity, creativity and innovation. Many of our first advertisers are still with us, and we consider them our friends.

Lagois DesignBuildRenovate has a special celebration, not just because it’s their 40th but because they hit two gigantic milestones at the same time: they were awarded Renovator of the Year by the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association, and they created the very first Net Zero ready renovation in Ottawa. 

Artium Design Build and Just Basements, now 25 years old, has watched the changes in the way people want to live in their homes. They understand homeowners, the market, the trends, and they renovate to the future as well as today – from the bottom up and beyond.