A blank canvas becomes ART

Breathtaking Renovation: $350,000 - $550,000

ARTium Design Build  approached an Ottawa home with the eyes of an artist looking at a blank canvas. In this case, however, the canvas wasn’t exactly blank. It was an existing structure with many features and aspects throughout.

The homeowners are admirers of Ottawa artist, Marc Adornato, who creates thought-provoking work by painting images into existing thrift-store landscapes. And thus began the vision of the team of homeowners and ARTium’s design-build team: to create a different work of art out of the chopped-up floor plan of a century-old home.

The project involved the removal or relocation of most of the walls, all new HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. They created an open-concept main floor and a complete alteration of the second floor to make it feel like a loft.

The result was an artistic, eclectic, even whimsical “canvas” (for example, leopard print wallpaper) that captured the personality of the homeowners. It is, indeed, a work of art.

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