What’s your story?

How to tell YOUR story to highly-motivated readers

When you want to tell people about your renovation-build-design business, it’s all about a story. It’s about you, about why you’re among the best in the market, and about why people should hire you for their dream renovation.

Ottawa Renovates magazine, both print and digital, is the perfect way to tell your story.

Here are some options. Feel free to contact us!

Present your company to potential customers by branding your company with the use of logo, graphics, pictures, contact information plus your message. We have a variety of sizes to meet your marketing strategy and budget. Need help? We’re here to design your ad and provide print and digital graphics at NO extra cost.

This is a great way to tell your story! Our team will work with you to present a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest. We will interview, write, edit and custom-design your story – for example, a before-and-after; a unique project; a company profile. You may have other ideas. We’re listening. Let us help you present a special aspect of your company.

Renovator Profile
Who are you? What makes you a great renovator, builder, designer, supplier? What is your background, experience, education? This is a chance to introduce you, your company and what drives you and your passion for the business. Let prospective clients connect with you. After all, your business is about customer relationship and about your ability to help them realize a dream. Let us write the story for you and let people see the person behind the company.

Product Review
Are you providing quality products to discerning customers? Do you need to introduce something new? Feature your product and promote directly to buyers.

Business Profile 
You exist for a lot of good reasons. Tell everyone! Talk about your business, your process, your people. Go ahead and brag a bit. People appreciate knowing more about what you are and do. You are part of the community – a neighbour, an employer, a taxpayer – a key player in the building industry. Consumers like to identify with and support local businesses. Perhaps it’s time to elevate your profile and communicate your story.

Service Profile
What is your special service? You are providing an integral service to renovation customers. This is your chance to present the reasons your service is superior to others. You understand how important your service is to their project. But does the average consumer? Help them understand that you are the best, and why. Promote your service – let everyone know WHY they need YOU.

Project Showcase
A PICTURE is always worth a thousand words. The business of design/build projects can only be complete by showcasing the finished product. Take us for a walk through the results of your hard work and tell us the story. Modern, traditional, old or new, before or after, start to finish: you know what it takes to get the job done. You fulfill dreams. Let pictures and text tell your story.

GOHBA Awards

We’re proud to devote a special section on an annual basis to highlight the winning participants from the annual Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association (GOHBA) Design Awards competition. This important section recognizes and highlights the projects and the companies responsible for many beautiful projects.

GOHBA and RenoMark® 
We support and promote the RenoMark program. As a RenoMark participant in our magazine, you will be part of stories, promotions, communications and a full listing directory. We work to elevate the profile of participating companies in conjunction with GOHBA and RenoMark®.

Reno Tour
Enjoy a unique opportunity to join in the annual Reno Tour. Ottawa Renovates is a major media sponsor and offers special promotional opportunities to those companies participating in Reno Tour. Interested in touring prospective clients through one of your completed projects?

Trade Shows

Ottawa Renovates magazine is distributed at major trade shows every year in conjunction with GOHBA. Ottawa Renovates magazine is distributed to a target audience of homeowners. Your marketing dollars are extended to potential buyers shopping for all things to do with renovation.

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